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The circle of life by Chuchy5
by Chuchy5

Rini2012's daughter: AMAZING!!!!! I love how it looks almost exactly like the picture in the movie! Great appearence, great coloring, g...




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Christine and Rebecca
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I have a third channel now with the username April Foolsome at IQRoomTermperature36. The joke is the IQ of the channel is the same as a normal room temperature. Get it? XD But I am no longer the slut stalker bitch, I am now the bitch no-one messes with. That's a lot better in my book. So... I do animations, anime, drawings, comics, stories, poetry, and digital art. I also make short skits on youtube. Here are my channels:
I am 16, a junior, my favorite anime artist is Rumiko Takahashi, my favorite animator is Hayou Miyazaki, I live, breathe, draw, and write anime, I am creative, I am kinda, I sing, dance, and have a good sense of humor, I love music, I am an indie film maker, a good friend, an outcast (but proud of it), an otaku, and a devoted artist. In fact, my grades are kinda dropping because I focus on art more than anything. I also daydream a lot. My favorite musician is a good friend of mine Mark Mikel, my favorite singer is a tie between Alice cooper and Miku Hatsune. My fave movie is a tie between a Beautiful Mind and Titanic, my fave manga series is Black Butler, my fave anime is Sailor Moon, my fave book is Warm Bodies, and my fave book character is Vladimir Tod. That's all me.
Rini2012's daughter <3
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Cutting is not something to take lightly. I know this because I sort of went through hurting myself. Though I didn't cut, I found a non violent solution to it: putting sharpie on my arm that looked like cuts. That doesn't mean I didn't hurt myself before that though. Since I have oversensitive skin, I couldn't cut not matter how much I wanted to, therefore I would hit myself in the head on furniture, walls, and so on. Some people would call that a way to grab attention, but I call that just as bad as cutting because you are hurting your body. Any form of negative hurt on your body is bad.

Also not just emos who do it. I mean, look at me. I'm not emo or scene and I still did that stuff. Some of my friends used to hurt themselves, but had solutions just like I did. My bff used to bite herself, but came up with drawing beautiful, detailed butterflies on her arms with thin tip sharpies. If you want to hurt yourself, go talk to your counselor, and just get help in general. There's always hope, and there are amazing thing about yourself that you may not realize. There are trolls in everybody's lives every day, we just have to ignore them and remember: They don't like themselves so they hate on others to make themselves feel better. I hope this helps anyone who cuts.

-Rini2012's daughter <3

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